Welcome to the registration for YM2020, which is not yet open, but nearly so.

Canberra Friends are hosting YM2020--this time at Avondale College at Cooranbong in the Hunter Valley. Suitable venues near Canberra proved to be too difficult.

Avondale College is the university college of the Seventh Day Adventists in Australia.

Avondale provides sleeping accommodation in single and twin rooms, and our meeting rooms. Their excellent dining room will provide varied catering, which will be vegetarian (they will be flexible for people who have a medical need to have meat). Gluten-free options, etc will certainly be available.

Travelling to Avondale is easy, because the nearby town of Morisset is on the train line to Newcastle, with frequent services both ways. We will arrange last-km transport for YM participants. you can train, bus or fly into Sydney, and catch a (maybe two) train to Morisset

Avondale is close to Lake Macquarie, which is vast, varied and picturesque. Consider adding on a few days of holiday in the area.

The Backhouse Lecture will be delivered by Fiona Gardner of Victoria Regional Meeting on Monday 6th July(???). All are welcome to attend this event.

YM2020 will run for six days, rather than the usual 7. There is considerable feedback that 7 days is long for some Friends, and they get worn out. Avondale is lovely, but it is an expensive venue. Reducing to six days reduces fatigue and cost. It will require us all to be more disciplined in business sessions, because we will have a reduction in them.

We will start Yearly Meeting with a Welcome Afternoon Tea which will include a Welcome to Country. This will be held after registration, from about 4.30pm on Saturday 6th July (the first day of Yearly Meeting). We hope all Friends will be able to organise their travel so they can join us for this important part of our gathering.

Friendly School will be different this time. It will be focused on Quaker business processes, and what helps them work well. It will go for half a day, with an input session for all, followed by break-out into small groups, still considering the topic.

We plan to make considerable use of the QuakersAustralia.info website for YM information: timetable, notices, documents, minutes, etc. It could be good if Friends make sure they have access to it ahead of time, fix their password for the site if they need to, and so on. This will make it easier to access good information, and no need to deal with Google accounts as previously. Friends who cannot come to YM will also be able to keep up with the information, as long as they are a registered member or attender of their meeting.

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