Information — Registration Process

Registration for YM2019 will be done via this website. Read on to find out how it works.

What you can do

This website enables you to register for Yearly Meeting. You can register yourself, and you can register other people to go to YM. For example, this will allow a parent to register all the family.

Some older Friends do not use online facilities. Another person in their Meeting can look after the registration(s) of such person, and act as their proxy.

User tab — Starting place

This system asks the person sitting at the screen to create a User Account. If you have not done so before, use the User tab to create a user account.

Please make a note of your password, because you will be able to log back in, and check or amend any information you previously supplied. Please make adjustments this way, rather than by sending an email.

This system remembers you from year to year, so if you've previously created yourself as a User, you don't need to do that again.

Registering one person — Registrant tab

After doing that, you can register yourself to attend YM. To do this, click the Registrant tab. Click the New Registrant button.

When you register someone, you remain able to access their information.

Next you are asked to put choices of the person you are registering (yourself or someone else) into the system — the days to be at YM, meals to purchase and accommodation. More information on what is available is given as you need it.

When you pay, your information will be updated to show the payment.

Accommodation and Winter School allocations will also be added to the profile, once they are worked out for each person.

When registering a person, each time you click the Continue button at the bottom of a page, you will be taken to the next tab (see the tabs in blue lettering under the green progress bar. You can navigate by clicking on these tabs, if you wish to check information in your own sequence.

Register others, if you need to

Go back to the User tab, make sure the Group of people option is selected. Click Continue to go to the Registrant tab. Click the Add Registrant button, and register the next person. Note the Copy from button, which might make some steps easier!

What next

You should expect to receive an email confirming the registrations you have made. If you don’t receive it, please follow up (email

When you register, the website calculates the registration cost. If it’s unlikely any of your preferences will change, you should pay the calculated amount.

Pay by making an Electronic Transfer to the YM bank account:

313 140
Bank Australia (formerly Bank MECU)

Account:  The Religious Society of Friends

Please include the payment reference number shown at the top of the Review tab. Please put this number first in your transfer description. The bank statement only shows a limited number of characters. If you want to add your name, that's good, but after the number, please.

Alternatively, you can mail a cheque to:

Payable to:
The Religious Society of Friends
YM Registration
Robin Walpole PO BOX 390, NEWSTEAD TAS 7250

Please include your Registration Reference Number, and name with the cheque

Note that if you are making a partial payment (e.g. for only one registrant in a group), please use the most appropriate reference. Without this reference, identifying your payment is difficult!

If you pay for all registrants in your group in one payment, please include the Total payment reference in your deposit information, instead of the registrant's ones.

The Registration webpage will be updated acknowledging that your payment has been received.


The site has been built, and is maintained and enhanced, with loving care, by Myf White, a Victorian Friend. The registration process is a significant improvement on what has been in use in earlier years. Further improvements are under way.

By the way, this website is designed to work well with small screen user-devices. So, your iPad, or tablet, even your phone can sensibly work the site!