Information — Yearly Meeting

Attending Yearly Meeting

Australia Yearly Meeting (AYM) welcomes Australian Friends to come to Yearly Meeting 2019 (YM). It is our practice that Attenders should ask their home Regional Meeting for permission to attend. It is good to do this a month or more in advance of YM.

If the cost is an issue for you, remember that Regional Meetings have some funds to support Friends who want to attend YM, and seek financial assistance. Your Pastoral Care Committee can assist. If you're not sure who to ask, ask your Clerk, or anyone who is an old hand! They'll point you in the right direction.

Visitors from overseas are welcome. We will ask you for a contact in your home Meeting with whom we can check your bona fides. Please allow time for this to be done.

Yearly Meeting in July

Prior to 2016, Australian Quakers held their Yearly Meeting event in January. With climate change a reality which is affecting us all, AYM recognised that there are many factors which make it unsuitable to meet in January. All come down to it being too hot at that time. It is unwise for some to travel in the heat. Many Friends do not want to leave their gardens in January (Too hot, and many garden crops come to fruition then), increasingly bush fires threaten rural and even urban properties.

So, AYM decided to move Yearly Meeting to July school holidays. It is very difficult to find a time of year that is suitable to most people/everyone. The time of year will be reviewed after several July Meetings.

Bring your laptop or iPad or tablet

During YM, much information will be made available via a website. Agendas, Minutes, Reports as well as daily notices will be available on-line. This will reduce the number of paper copies that need to be printed. It will also enable you to use your device to read the information wherever you have internet connectivity, and always to have the most up-to-date information.

Of course, there will be some paper copies of important information, so Friends who are not welded to their device can access it.